Department of Management Studies


Department of Management Studies is committed to facilitating free thinking and reflection upon global business issues that affect different people across the world. Department of Management Studies has begun its first academic session in 2003 and committed to provide a congenial environment for promoting excellence in teaching and research. The MBA & BBA programme offered at the college imparts a global outlook, equips the students with specialized skills and develops attitude that leads to excellence. The two year full time MBA programme is recognized by the All India Council for Technical Education and is affiliated to Maharishi Dayanand University, Rohtak.

Our BBA & MBA programme keeps a sharp focus on total commitment to quality education and academic studies. These programme believes in promoting effective learning through the use of modern management tools and techniques. A unique blend of project work, seminars, case studies, class participation and visit to industries are undertaken for the overall development of the students.

The Department of Management Studies has a computer lab well equipped with advance computers processing requisite hardware, software and peripherals. Internet facility is available to keep the students abreast of rapid changes in the business world.

Our Vision

The vision of the Department is to impart business education to equip managers and professionals with skills and knowledge to efficiently tackle challenges faced by businesses, entrepreneurs and government organizations.

The Department offers multidisciplinary education to foster academic excellence and conduct research, offer aspiring programmes and host international conferences, seminars, symposia, workshops and round table events.

Message from H.O.D.

Great progress has been achieved in a very short time in establishing Department of Management Studies. The vision is to develop a multi-disciplinary Department that will bring the best of the people from academia and industry who can contribute in the knowledge building initiative.

I sincerely appreciate the outstanding contribution of our Chairperson, Mrs Bimla Singh Prabhu I am truly grateful to all academic, administrative and support staff of the Department for their encouragement and support. I look forward to continuing my interaction with the students and parents who constantly remind us about the importance of our endeavor.

Dr.Nidhi Mishra
Head of Deptt.
Faculty of Business Management
PDM College of Engineering

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Faculty of Business Management
PDM College Of Engineering
Sarai Aurangabad
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